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Important Resident Information

Top 11 Community Rules

Living in a condo community brings additional individual responsibilities in order to help maintain the property and our overall quality of living. Following are the top 10 rules you should know when living at Hembree Creek. Violating these rules could result in significant fines. Please see our governing documents for a complete listing and interpretation of our rules, regulations, and bylaws.

When in doubt contact the property manager for clarification. They are happy to answer your questions.

  1. Leasing your unit is strictly prohibited and enforced.
  2. All pets must be under 20 pounds each & no more than two (2) pets allowed per unit. Walk your pet on a leash & pick up your pet’s waste.
  3. Only two (2) unassigned parking spaces are allowed per unit. All resident vehicles must have a Hembree Creek decal & must be registered with property management. Buildings 100 & 200 have a restricted parking policy in place. Parking Policy
  4. All window treatments must be white backed.
  5. The speed limit is 15 mph in the community.
  6. If replacing an exterior light on your deck, it must be flush mount, white in color, and no bigger than 12' x 12".
  7. Storm doors are permitted on front and/or back doors but not on breezeway entry doors. They must be either be all glass or a combination of screen and glass. No metal or aluminum panels allowed.
  8. You cannot make any changes to the outside of any building. You must obtain permission to install a satellite dish and it can only be mounted on your deck railing.
  9. Make sure you put your trash in the dumpster & close the doors. We do not have a full time grounds keeper.
  10. Realtor signs are not allowed outside the front gate at any time. You may put them on the street per the City of Roswell bylaws from Friday at sundown to Sunday at sundown. See the City of Roswell’s webpage for more info www.roswellgov.com. You may put a realtor sign inside a window (no larger than 2' x 2') and/or a small info box sign outside the breezeway entrance to your building.
  11. If you are making repairs or upgrades to your condo that requires a water shutoff, you must contact our property manager in advance to schedule the shutoff using an Association approved plumber.